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ITEM # SP2610X15A

Super Pump is the world's best selling pool pump that is efficient, dependable, and proven, setting the standard for excellence and value.

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Pro Series Top-Mount

For new pool and aftermarket installations Pro Series filters provide efficient flow, totally balanced backwashing and an advanced self-cleaning under-drain system for the best value in filtration.

E Series Salt Chlorinator - For Prices Please inquire

The E Series Salt Chlorinator offers affordable, reverse polarity self cleaning technology in a simple to use, easy to install yet robust and reliable product. This legendary reliability has now been incorporated into a low cost, reverse polarity, self cleaning salt chlorinator – the E Series Salt Chlorinator. Using the same platform as the renowned VX, the E Series simplifies the operation and functionality to provide a low cost, low maintenance salt chlorinator suitable for most sized residential swimming pools. Warranty 2 years from manufacture.

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The wide range of pumps AstralPool offers different performances depending on the filtration needs of each type of pool. Warranty on pump 2 years from manufacture.

VX Salt Chlorinator - For Prices Please Inquire

Manual dosing of liquid or granular chlorine can be hazardous. Over dosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin and a strong chlorine order. The AstralPool VX salt chlorinator continuously generates the precise level of chlorine required into your pool. With the convenience of a touch pad the level of output can be adjusted and operating hours can be preset. With the self cleaning ability the VX Salt Chlorinator is perfect for any pool and spa combination. Warranty 2 years from manufacture.

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WARRANTY Our appliances are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for 1 full year beginning from the date of purchase. In addition, the compressor is warranted against manufacturing defects for 4 years following the expiration date of the warranty. The heat exchanger titanium pipe is guaranteed for 10 full years against chemical corrosion. See manual for full details.
Helios Pool Heaters

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